7 ways Nigerian students can make money online

7 ways Nigerian students can make money online

Seven Online Moneymaking Opportunities for Students in Nigeria

How Students Can Make Money in Nigeria: Do you want to know “How to make money?” because the greatest financial difficulty occurs when we are in school or college, because even a student from home receives limited pocket money. The thought occurs that if we had more money, school life would be more enjoyable.

In this age of growing inflation, everyone is occupied with making money. College students supplement their pocket money by doing Real Online and Offline Part-time Jobs in addition to their academics.

However, every college student is unaware of whatever jobs they can perform to earn pocket money. So allow us to explain today. Who are the Online and Offline Income Opportunities for Students?

In light of the fact that many students have taken out loans to finance their professional education, these real-world earning strategies will be valuable to them, and they will be able to become financially independent by working offline or online employment.

How to Make Money Online as a Student in Nigeria

It is now possible for students to earn money independently.

There are numerous alternatives available to you, especially now that you are searching for an easy career online.

If you often only use your cellphone for social media or playing games, now is the time to use it productively.

Even if you only have a cell phone and internet plan, you may now earn additional pocket money.

Then, how may students earn money using the Internet?

Here are some online moneymaking opportunities for students:

1. Become a Blogger

You might attempt being a blogger to generate money online in Nigeria as a student.

This will be ideal for those of you who enjoy writing. Whether it’s writing about daily personal experiences, articles and news, product evaluations, or summarizing academic content, writing is an integral part of life.

You don’t need a computer or laptop to establish a website; you can also use your mobile phone.

Using WordPress, for example.

Play around with “words” and begin monetising your blog to earn money online.

It could also be accomplished by publishing a blog featuring advertising or product sponsorship. Therefore, you will collaborate with brands and profit from them.

Yes, to optimize your blog so that it may be utilized to generate income, you must study and implement SEO and digital marketing tactics.

Blogging, almost everyone can do it.

Include students in middle or high school.

My companion must have a solid foundation in the online field.

The primary objective of blogging is to attract as many readers as possible.

The bigger the number of visitors, the better the blog’s ability to generate revenue.

So how do you acquire the funds?

Advertising services allow you to insert ads on blogs that you own.

As with personal adverts, the most common practice is to place Google Adsense ads.

2. Selling Online

You might try online selling as a method for How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student.

The rising popularity of online shopping among Nigerian consumers represents a fantastic business opportunity.

You also need not worry about selling online because you do not need a huge initial investment. Because you may now become a reseller or dropshipper without having to stock inventory.

By becoming a reseller or dropshipper, you will just need to advertise the distributor’s items.

The orders are then forwarded to the distributor, who will package and send the products.

This is one of the simplest ways to start an internet store, so anyone, especially kids, may do it.

In addition to not requiring significant resources to stock products, the risk is typically low.

Ensure that you choose a reputable distributor with high-quality products, so that customers of your online store are delighted.

Writing for translations

If you have a strong knowledge of multiple languages and can read and write well in each, then the greatest career for you and the best option to earn money is translation or interpretation.

There are numerous ways to generate money from this work. If you work full-time for a corporation, you can earn an excellent wage. In addition, if you are a freelancer, you can make money based on the number of words in the content or per piece. You can earn a substantial income by working one to two hours per day or even one to two days per week.

You will have the opportunity to work for several publications and magazines, which will generate income and expand your network.

4. Online Instruction –

If you are interested in reading and teaching and possess the ability to teach anything, this is the ideal career for you.

In this technological era, the fields of online reading and education have grown substantially.

This field offers an attractive income.

This task can be completed from the comfort of your own home, according to your schedule, without the need for frequent travel.

There is a high need for online instruction in every field, whether it technical or linguistic.

5. Freelancers Online

Those of you who are still in school might also attempt becoming an internet freelancer to earn extra cash.

Freelancers are independent contractors who are not constrained by company agreements. Instead, contracts are given for each individual project.

There are currently a variety of freelance platforms accessible online. Thus, it is possible to earn money using the Internet.

Online media writers, book authors, graphic designers, and translators are among the most sought-after freelance positions.

Find a work that corresponds with your abilities so you can take it seriously.

If you work diligently on this freelancer website, the earnings potential is pretty excellent.

Especially high-paying work in the fields of design and information technology.

6. Online Lesson Tutor

According to the digit page, the next opportunity for students to earn money online is to become an online tutor.

Try being an online tutor if you are comfortable speaking in front of a camera and have considerable expertise.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, students have increased their online study time. Therefore, there is a significant demand for an instructional platform for teaching professionals.

Even if you are still a student, you can register online to become a tutor.

Find online learning systems and determine if they require an instructor. If so, you can give it a shot and begin earning money on the internet.

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7. Writing Content

This is a job that is easy to obtain. In our technological age, everyone lives their lives online. There are numerous similar websites where you may earn a decent wage by editing or producing content for two to four hours.

You must be proficient in any language, i.e., whichever language you will work in, you must have a firm grasp of that language. Many bloggers pay their editors a substantial sum for this service.

If you do not know how to write content, you can access free online video courses on YouTube and other websites.

The emergence of social media has spawned a new occupation, that of content creator or influencer.

They are persons who have a significant number of followers and influence on the internet.

Due to their considerable influence over the public, brands frequently urge them to collaborate in promoting their products and services.

The shared content can therefore be a sponsored upload. Whether they be photographs or videos.

You can use this opportunity to help kids earn money online.

Because everyone can create content or exert influence. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with attempting it.

However, you must develop engaging content to gain traction on social media. The stuff you present should also be narrowly focused.

Select that which interests you. For example, beauty, fashion, culinary, and travel-related stuff.

Thus, you will be able to attract an audience whose interests align with your chosen field.

Upload consistent thematic content. This specialized demographic will also increase your likelihood of being “ogled” by the brand.

These are some options for Nigerian students to make money online.

Which online moneymaking method for students would you try?


Obviously, generating money online in Nigeria as a student is just as challenging as making regular money. Earning money over the internet offers the advantage of flexible hours and can be a valuable source of passive income.

There are other additional opportunities, such as selling templates, coding services, dropshippers, etc.

It is crucial to maintain motivation and not give up.

FAQ Make Money Online as a Student in Nigeria

How can students earn a lot of money?

You can start with a tiny business. After reaching your objective, you can extend your business.

What employment are appropriate for students?

Opening an online business, becoming a dropshipper, editing films, becoming a translator of a foreign language, selling graphic design services, and more.

What work do high school pupils perform?

You can become a reseller, a freelance writer, an influencer, sell credit for your friends, and a social media administrator, among other opportunities.


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