5 Ways To Protect Your NPower (NASIMS) Portal

5 Ways To Protect Your NPower (NASIMS) Portal – TDPel Jobs

NPower Latest News: A lot of N-Power Batch C applicants have been complaining that whenever they login into their NPower (NASIMS) Profile they do see another information most times on their portal, infact an N-Power Batch C applicant (name withheld) said another BVN number was being displayed on the portal, some NPower Batch C applicants also experience a completely different NPower ID when they log into the NPower NASIMS portal.

The following 8 steps below if properly carried out by an N-Power Batch C applicant would help secure and keep the NASIMS (N-Power) profile safe from invaders and intruders online.

1) An NPower Batch C applicant should always visit his or her NASIMS N-Power dashboard to check for any new update, omission or alterations.

2) NPower Batch C applicants should endeavour to change his or her NASIMS N-Power portal password from the usual name, date of birth, phone number or account details password to a more stronger and secure password by including characters and numbers best known to only the N-Power Batch C applicants.
It has been observed that most N-Power Batch C applicants either use their name combination or date of birth combination to generate passwords, these passwords are very weak and common and a lot of scammers online could easily hack it thereby gaining access to the N-Power Batch C applicant’s dashboard.

3) An N-Power Batch C applicant should not reveal his or her sensitive data or personal information such as mobile number, password, account details and login password publicly on social media or to anyone the N-Power Batch C applicant do not know, even if the person claims to be an NPower staff, please do not reveal sensitive information online, N-Power would communicate to NPower Volunteers with issues via email, through NASIMS.gov.ng

4) An NPower Batch C applicant should not ask for assistance from anyone unknown to the NPower Batch C applicant for NASIMS portal profile update.
Should an N-Power Batch C applicant have any challenges login in the NPower Batch C applicant should either wait for the internet traffic congestion to ease a bit, or visit any Cyber cafe which has a strong network for easy access to your NASIMS N-Power Profile, even while at the cafe ensure to logout of your portal after every task completed, and do not allow the cafe attendant to handle sensitive informations.

5) An N-Power Batch C applicant using the mobile phone should also endeavour to logout after completing any task online.

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