5 Jungles You Have to Visit

5 Jungles You Have to Visit

If you love seeing animals in their natural habitat, consider booking a trip to one of the world’s lush jungles. Warm climate and dense plant growth make these ecosystems the perfect home to countless living things. Here are the top 5 jungles around the world that you have to visit.

Borneo Jungle

Borneo, in Malaysia, is one of the world’s oldest jungles. It is about 130 million years old and is home to thousands of plants, animals, insects, and birds. One particularly famous animal you might see here is the endangered orangutan.

There are dozens of Borneo trekking packages that you can buy if you’re planning a trip to Malaysia. Whether you go for a few hours or a few days, be sure to pack plenty of water, bug spray, and long-sleeved shirts.

Amazon Riverboat Ride

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world. While you could hike through it, the best way to see it is by cruising down the Amazon river. There are all sorts of animals in the water and along the shoreline. Plus, you can choose a rustic cruise trip that will put you just a few inches from the surface of the water. Or you could also opt for a luxury cruise, with fine dining and entertainment.


Belize Jungle

Belize has both jungles and coral reefs to explore—and it’s small enough that you can do both in one day! The jungles of Belize are packed with history, so prepare to see some Mayan ruins. You will likely see native animals like jaguars, toucans, harpy eagle, and red-footed boobies. There are also hidden waterfalls and pools to swim in, and all sorts of activities, like cliff-rappelling and zip-lining.

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Costa Rica Jungle

Costa Rica is full of outdoor adventures, from jungles to swamps to mangroves. You can take hiking tours of the jungle or kayak around the wetlands. If you go at the right time of the year, you can see turtles come up to shore to lay eggs. Plus, there are howler monkeys, anteaters, and sloths to spot. Be sure to bring a good birdwatching book, as there are over 350 species of birds in the Costa Rican jungle.

Madagascar Jungle

If you’ve seen the movie Madagascar you probably already know that this tropical island is home to huge lemur populations. But there are also pheasants, wild boars, tree frogs, chameleons, and geckos. All of these animals have adapted to the jungles of Madagascar, which means they are usually camouflaged quite well. It takes a trained eye to spot them, so it’s a good idea to purchase a guided tour instead of trying to tackle the jungle by yourself.

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