5 Excellent Websites to Download Sound Effects

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Do you often wonder where to download audios to edit videos? Where to get sounds? These are the common questions for those who create and edit videos. Sounds are an essential part for recordings to achieve most purposes.

Filming with the appropriate images and sounds has the ability to convey real emotions and feelings. They can impress audiences with the naturalness of their scenes and win their acceptance.

Portals to download sound effects for videos

Next, we present you the best online options to get the sounds and melodies you are looking for for your audiovisual productions. Without a doubt, the following banks of audio tracks cover all the requirements to design and edit interesting and amazing videos.

You just have to analyze each option and select the one that best suits your requirements.


Depositphotos Sound and audio effects improve the quality of your videos. Your recordings will achieve the high standards necessary to attract audiences and surprise them with your incredible stories because this site understands that sounds are an important part of filming.

In its web portal you can download free sound effects for any filming . It has music, sounds and audio tracks to enhance horror stories, suspense, funny stories, presentations, documentaries and even to promote your personal brand and increase the sales of your products.

Depositphotos is a valuable tool to increase the value of your recordings. It has the potential to create realistic, believable and fantastic narratives because it features a variety of sounds and rhythms.

It includes audio tracks of screams, weather, water, drinks, cartoons, animals, funny voices, destruction and even the sound effects that youtubers use. Its collection is extensive and it has a highly organized library.

If you are looking for free sound effects, this portal is the ideal one because you can get sound effects pack for videos without copyright. You will not have to pay a license for use or subscribe to the program by paying a monthly fee.

You can download the audios you want easily and very quickly , thanks to its control panel. Its interface is very easy to understand because its instructions are very simple.

Flash Kit

Flash Kit is a great option to download free audio effects from the web. You do not need to pay subscription or royalties to enjoy a wide library of sounds for any video, it even offers sound effects for podcasts.

To optimize the experience on its portal, it provides guides and user manuals. These instructions make it easy to search through the sound collection. You can locate audio tracks in two ways: by quick select categories or by search box.

Flash Kit even advises on the types of music and sounds most downloaded and searched on its portal. These tips will help you get the most viral audios that can quickly popularize your videos.

It offers categories of sounds of environment, home, musical instruments, tools, human sounds, transport, among others. Allows you to download mp3 sound effects pack.


With Recordist you can download a pack of high quality 16 bit mp3 sound effects , the necessary parameters to design fabulous footage, capable of multiplying your followers.

It has a free version , in which you can download sound effect packages for videos without copyright, for personal use only. If you want audio and music tracks for commercial filming, you will have to pay a membership.

It is very easy to get the music you want on this portal. With just one click on the download button you get the ideal music for your recordings. From a computer you can also click the link “save category as” to download it to your hard drive.

The sounds offered by Recordist can be used in low-budget audiovisual projects as well as in professional productions. According to your needs and objectives you can select the appropriate category.


On the PacDV website you can download sound effects for free, fast and easy . For 10 years it has provided a wide collection of audios, melodies and music for all those who need it, from professional editors to students.

Their soundtracks are free of copyright, therefore they can be used without limitation other than reselling them by any means. The gratuitousness of its services benefits you because you will not have to spend large sums of money in the editing processes.

Its library is very varied, it includes a pack of sound effects for radio . You can download audios to complement the scenes of environments and home. It also provides the sounds of machines, tools, voices, and other human sounds.


Soundbible offers free music effects for any movie, presentation or advertising promotion. Its audio collection adapts to any audiovisual project , ideal for bloggers, video editors and anyone who wants to design a film.

Its portal offers sound effects for YouTube videos without copyright and even technological sound effects . It has the right collection so that your science fiction, fantasy and suspense stories are more natural and convey real feelings to your audience.

If you want to enjoy audios from other special categories, you will have to pay a subscription to the website. A simple click on the download option is enough to get the tone and melody you are looking for.

These have been the best websites to download sound effects for videos . These portals were carefully selected so that your films reach the appropriate characteristics to attract the public and to adequately transmit the content they develop.

Only through these banks of sounds and music will your recordings meet the standards required to increase the number of followers and to position your brand in the market . Do you know of other better websites to download audio or do you have one? Leave us a message.

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