49-year-old father left for death after ‘asking for directions’

49-year-old father left for death after ‘asking for directions’

A father of two was left for dead after a band of feral adolescents beat him to within an inch of his life after he asked them for directions.

Shaun Mollon , 49, was punched down by a feral gang of youths and left for dead in a car park
Shaun Mollon, 49, has become a ‘broken guy’ who is scared of human touch, according to his family, as a result of the Friday morning violence.

In the horrifying incident in a Burton-upon-Trent car park just off the High Street, he was kicked and struck so hard that his jaw, eye socket, and cheekbone were fractured.

Mr. Mollon, the owner and CEO of his own company, was forced to have emergency surgery in York to reconstruct his face with metal plates and screws.

Mr Mollon, who is the director of his own company, has had to have emergency surgery

Last night, his grieving wife, Julianne, stated, ‘It has ruined our life. He is terrified of even the slightest noise and dislikes being touched. He is fortunate to be alive.

Mr. Mollon’s nightmare began on September 23, but due to the severity of his injuries, it was not made public until now.

49-year-old Shaun Mollon was attacked by a band of wild adolescents and left for dead in a parking lot.

Mr. Mollon, the owner and CEO of his own company, was forced to undergo emergency surgery.

At 2:00 a.m., violence erupted at the Meadowside Leisure Centre parking lot on High Street.

He had been in Burton for business and had joined his coworkers for dinner and drinks.The violence exploded in the Meadowside Leisure Centre carpark on High Street at 2.30am

Mr. Mollon decided to call it a night and return to his hotel because he had to report to work the next day.

However, he became disoriented after making a wrong turn, and after spotting a group of people in a parking lot just off the High Street, he decided to ask for directions.

He was then attacked from behind, knocked unconscious by a strong hit to the face, and beaten unconscious.

The group, including of young men and women believed to be in their 20s, abandoned him and fled in a car.Mr Mollon had surgery on Thursday in York after first being taken to Burton's Queen's Hospital

Mr. Mollon did not lose anything in the incident, and when he regained consciousness he was able to return to his coworkers, who rushed him to the hospital.

Mr. Mollon underwent surgery on Thursday in York, following his transfer from Burton’s Queen’s Hospital.

Julianne continued, “He has not left his room for a week and is completely broken.

“He is not his former self. He is constantly terrified and has recurring flashbacks, as things keep coming back to him and he keeps experiencing the initial effect. It is horrible.

“It has been quite challenging for all of us. My daughter has been so unhappy since he doesn’t look like daddy or behave like him. A broken man is he.

“He’s fortunate to be alive. It is such a terrible and insensitive act to simply run away. He might have been killed.

“He was vulnerable due to his isolation and alcohol consumption. I only hope that someone who witnessed it has a conscience and recognizes that this is wrong.”

Mr. Mollon underwent surgery on Thursday in York after initially being sent to the Queen’s Hospital in Burton.

As surgery could not be performed until the swelling had subsided, he was permitted to return to York.

He cannot eat or drink because of the agony. In addition to the physical injuries, the ordeal has had a devastating effect on his mental health, his wife stated.

Her husband called her at 3 a.m. to tell her what had occurred, but she could barely understand him due to his broken jaw.

She continued, “I had just awoken feeling ill, and as soon as I was able, I had a friend bring me to Derby because I was unable to drive.”

A representative for the Staffordshire Police stated that the police was searching for the perpetrators.

They said, “Officers are seeking information about an attack in Burton-upon-Trent.”

“The incident occurred on September 23 at approximately 2:30 a.m. at the Meadowside Leisure Centre parking lot on High Street,”

A guy, age 49, had severe facial injuries, including a cracked jaw.

Any witnesses or anyone with information can contact Staffordshire Police via Facebook or Twitter, using incident number 41 of September 23, or by dialing 101. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111.


»49-year-old father left for death after ‘asking for directions’«

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