40th Universal Periodic Review of human rights: UK statement on Moldova

The United Kingdom welcomes steps taken by the Republic of Moldova to promote and protect human rights. We recognise the priority given to reforming the justice sector and we urge Moldova to show regard for proportionality and due process whilst carrying out these reforms.

We note Moldova’s efforts to address human rights abuses by the de facto authorities in the Transnistrian region. We share the Government’s concerns, including over impunity of law enforcement operatives, silencing of opposition voices, and continued pressure on Latin Script Schools.

The UK remains concerned about prison conditions in Moldova and we urge the Government to improve the conditions in line with international standards.

We recommend Moldova:

  1. Ratify and implement the Protocol of 2014 to the ILO Forced Labour Convention 1930;
  2. Guarantee the right to freedom of expression by ensuring the media regulator and Competition Authority function correctly and objectively, and by ensuring that the state broadcaster, Teleradio Moldova, provides space and a platform for an objective, balanced, national conversation on political issues by all;
  3. Proactively demonstrate commitment to human rights and encourage greater awareness of, and support for, universal human rights throughout Moldova, including in the Transnistrian region

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