4 technological tricks to boost your performance in video games

4 technological tricks to boost your performance in video games

Only gamers can understand how frustrating technical problems encountered during a game can be. The performance of the set-up depends on many factors that in most cases have to do with the optimization and the network where you connect.

The launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 revealed the problem of game development in the saturation of the PC, generating a shower of criticism to NVIDIA for the poor reaction of its graphics cards in games that require technical specifications above normal.

Many of the technical problems present when playing have a relatively easy solution, which is why TDPel Media presents 4 technological tricks to boost your performance in video games from HDGamers.

VPN improves gaming experience

It is clear to online gamers: there is nothing better than a stable connection with a low ping time. The advantages of using VPN with the PlayStation 5 , and on other consoles such as Xbox or Nintendo Switch, is that it provides a seamless connection, since it allows you to connect to different servers, many of which are close to those of the game.

Furthermore, its use is linked to other technological benefits, including:
Reducing game latency.
Change geographic location to take advantage of releases from other regions or connect to IP-blocked servers.
Protect personal data and ensure our privacy online.
Protect yourself from a possible DDoS attack.

Perform periodic maintenance on your PC

This step is often forgotten even by veteran players. Dust that accumulates in the vent portion then advances to components over time, leading to obsolete thermal paste and permanent damage to the interior of the CPU. This situation slows down the maximum power that our operating system can provide.

To solve this problem, follow the following recommendations:

Carry out a deep cleaning of the equipment, especially in the refrigeration area.
Update installed drivers.
Change the thermal paste periodically.

Free up space and configure the operating system correctly

The consumption of resources in areas other than gaming can affect the performance of our CPU, especially if we have limited specifications.

The steps to follow are those:

Configure power saving so as not to limit the performance of the components.
Free up resources and close applications that are running in the background.

Configure the graphical settings of each game

Not all games have the same development process, so their operation varies on the computer where it is installed. What can be done to solve this detail is to complete the following steps in the configuration of each game:

Set the resolution to 100%.
In the textures section, raise it to the maximum or medium level, a low level will ruin the experience.
Don’t remove shadows from the game.
We hope that this short guide has been helpful for you and that you have learned some tricks to improve the performance of your video games.

Alperda Gorria

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