39 of America’s 50 most prestigious medical colleges and universities have some form of CRT training

39 of America’s 50 most prestigious medical colleges and universities have some form of CRT training

At least 39 of the nation’s top 50 medical schools have some form of Critical Race Theory in their curriculums, according to the website CriticalRace.org.

Some of the schools listed in the study include Harvard Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine, University of Virginia Medical School, and The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Of those same 50 medical schools, the website found that at least 28 have mandatory trainings for faculty and staff related to CRT.

CriticalRace.org is a branch of the Legal Insurrection Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to free speech on campuses and academic freedom in higher education. The website monitors the presence of CRT in school curriculums and trainings, and recently expanded its data to cover medical schools.

‘The national alarm should be sounding over the racialization of medical school education,’ CriticalRace.org and Legal Insurrection founder William A. Jacobson told Fox News.

‘The swiftness and depth to which race-focused social justice education has penetrated medical schools reflects the broader disturbing trends in higher education.’

The website CriticalRace.org found that 39 of America's top 50 medical schools have Critical Race Theory-based education embedded in their curriculums

Jacobson is a professor at the Cornell Law School. He has also canvassed private K-12 schools, and the top 500 undergraduate programs for CRT material in their curriculums.

The medical schools looked at by CriticalRace.org were based on the U.S. News rankings of top medical schools. The website found that 39 of the nation’s top 50 medical schools have ‘some form of mandatory student training or coursework’ related to CRT.

‘The trainings can be targeted, such as a new requirement for a major/department, or school-wide,’ the website reads, ‘The trainings can also vary in form (ex. orientation modules for new students, new degree/graduation requirement, online training module).’

The website cites that 38 of the schools in its database have offered books, articles, or talks from the authors Robin DiAngelo and Ibram Kendi, whose books include ‘White Fragility,’ and ‘How to be an Antiracist.’ Jacobson says these authors’ books call for discrimination.

Mandatory so-called ‘anti-racism’ training centers ideology, not patients, as the focus of medical education. This is a drastic change from focusing on the individual, rather than racial or ethnic stereotypes,’ Jacobson told Fox News Digital.

The website found that 12 schools on its list have department-specific mandatory programs, such Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School program ‘Discussing Anti-Racism and Equity.’

CriticalRace.org characterizes these program as ‘conferences on racism and equity, simulations, reading groups, and film screenings integrated into the existing education at Brown in order to ‘encourage anti-racist attitudes and behaviors’ and to provide ‘equitable and actively anti-racist care’ by assessing implicit bias and structural racism.’

The website also found that 17 schools had school-wide trainings that were not characterized as academic courses, while 28 had mandatory classes directly concerning CRT or CRT ideas, including the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Jacobson said that schools and its supporters should spend their resources ‘to expand medical knowledge and patient care, not to enforce an ideological viewpoint,’ instead of focusing on political ideologies.

Critical Race Theory in school curriculums has become a point of controversy across the nation, as parents, politicians, students and educators debate the societal theory’s place in the classroom.

CRT supports the idea that racism is fundamentally embedded in American political and social institutions.

Conservatives have taken to using the phrase as a way to describe lessons on racism and ‘equity’ across all grade levels – and have criticized the theory for claiming that the U.S. is built on racial animus, with skin color determining the social, economic and political differences between people.

Advocates, however, say its teaching is necessary to underline how deeply racism pervades society. Critics say it is divisive and paints everyone as a victim or oppressor.

Joe Biden’s new ‘disinformation czar,’ Nina Jankowicz, dismissed concerns about Critical Race Theory in schools as ‘disinformation for profit’ in May – despite parents across the country being worried about the teaching of the philosophy in their children’s classrooms.

‘I live in Virginia, and in Loudoun County that’s one of the areas where people have really honed in on this topic. But it’s no different than any of the other hot-button issues that have allowed disinformation to flourish,’ Jankowicz said during a talk at the City Club of Cleveland in 2021, ‘It’s weaponizing people’s emotion.’

Jankowicz was referring to controversy in Loudon County, Virginia, where parents and school administrators have clashed over the place of CRT in county’s curriculums.

The Loudoun School Board has been mired in controversy as Parents have voiced their frustration with the state’s woke school board, saying they did not want their children to be taught CRT.

Multiple school board meetings made headlines after parents were filmed clashing with staff over the decision to teach it – and the board’s approval of a $6 million ‘equity-training’ program last year, as well as the approval of a study into whether it would be appropriate to give reparations to black people.

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