Influencer Takes Herself on Solo Honeymoon, Embraces Single Life

Influencer Takes Herself on Solo Honeymoon, Embraces Single Life

Brittany Allyn, an influencer based in Seattle, decided to take herself on a “solo honeymoon” and made a vow to stop depending on men to make her happy.

In 2022, she traveled to London and froze her eggs before embarking on her dream vacation in France and Italy. Since then, Allyn has been living her best single life and has been serving as a source of empowerment for other single women.

Allyn’s Outlook on Life

Allyn’s outlook on life comes from her parents, who have always encouraged her to live her life to the fullest. While Allyn admits to having days where she wants “deep romance,” she mostly doesn’t feel pressure to get married.

Her longest relationship was around five years, and she’s not in a rush to settle down. She believes that getting married at 50 and spending 30 years with the love of your life is a wonderful thing.

Allyn’s Travel Adventures

Allyn realized that a honeymoon shouldn’t be confined to married couples, and since her breakup, she’s been traveling the world and serving as a source of empowerment for other single women.

Allyn has posted her journey on social media, and it has inspired other women to plan their own “me-moons.” Allyn has been to the South of France, Venice, Italy, and has gone on an African safari. She believes that women won’t regret solo travel and that it’s empowering to explore the world on your own.

Allyn’s Journey to Freeze Her Eggs

Allyn has put her dreams of being a mom on hold and chosen to travel the world instead. Egg freezing in America is expensive, and only big tech companies or big corporations usually cover it.

Allyn revealed that the first time she tried to freeze her eggs, the medicine didn’t work, but that hasn’t deterred her. She hopes to try again this spring and fall and thinks that once she does, she’ll have peace of mind.

Internet Trolls

Allyn’s video has come under fire from several internet trolls, but for the most part, her page is a positive place. Allyn says that it’s always insecure, misogynistic men who make negative comments, and she doesn’t want them to be part of the conversation.

Allyn’s Outlook on Life

Allyn acknowledges that there is no “one size fits all” route and that being independent and single is easier in some ways. She loves the freedom of being able to scroll in bed in the morning, look up flights next week, and explore the world on her own.

Allyn believes that one life is not better than another, and you have to accept that your life is unique.

»Influencer Takes Herself on Solo Honeymoon, Embraces Single Life«

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