30BG and Wizkid FC: Analyzing the Rivalry Between Nigeria’s Two Largest Fanbases

30BG and Wizkid FC: Analyzing the Rivalry Between Nigeria’s Two Largest Fanbases

30BG and Wizkid FC: Analyzing the Rivalry Between Nigeria’s Two Largest Fanbases


On Twitter, fans of Wizkid and Davido discuss their daily feud and whether or not there will ever be peace.

A small auditorium was packed to the rafters on a chilly Thursday night two months ago. When Davido appeared on stage, he answered questions under a swath of bright lights. Minutes later, the small crowd gave him thunderous applause after seeing him perform a few songs from his upcoming album, A Better Time. However, he seemed to be completely unaware of the top trending topic on Twitter that night.

The Twitter hashtag #ABetterThrash was a hotbed of retweets and replies. The hashtag was at the top of the trending topics as the clock ticked down to midnight when DMW released Davido’s A Better Time. Minutes before the album was released, a strange hashtag appeared.

It wasn’t personal to the group. They finally shook Davido’s 30BG’s hate-filled hand a few weeks ago when the word “Thrash” appeared alongside the hashtag #MadeInLagos as a trending topic. Basit, a Wizkid FC fan, wondered how 30BG could get away with this while his favorite was about to drop. The drop in ABT made me feel as if it was time for vengeance.


What sparked the conflict?

The trend was ugly and bordering on toxic for a long time, but that changed in 2017. Amid Wizkid and Davido’s constant Twitter sparring, their fans came out in force to join the fight. Both artists eventually settled their differences, but the tensions between their respective fan bases have persisted ever since. It started as a joke about the artists’ health, lifestyles, and even their families, but it grew worse every day.

An anti-Davido troll recently made fun of Wizkid’s looks by combining two images: Wizkid’s tweet urging young people not to use drugs with a screenshot of Wizkid grinning in an anti-body shame tweet. Davido had to respond to an insulting post about his late mother last year. This is just a sampling of the escalating toxicity on the Bird app.

In Vincent’s opinion, Wizkid FC is to blame for the animosity between Davido and Wizkid FC fans. They “troll Davido every day, so we return the favour,” he claims. Not our fault: “We didn’t start it.” If this is the case, a Wizkid FC member who requested anonymity denies it.

He claims that because of Davido’s attitude, arrogance, and his team members’ habitual defamation of Wizkid’s name, “this whole animosity” between Wizkid FC and 30 BG began. “It’s not a form of retaliation. Wizkid’s name and reputation are the only things we’re trying to protect here.”

The daily abuse may have exacerbated Wizkid and Davido’s feud between their respective fan bases. Until Davido welcomed his first child, Ifeanyi, in October 2019, the two artists had not interacted. Wizkid would set it aside when he sent his best wishes via Instagram stories if there was any animosity between them. A heartfelt thank you will be extended by Davido.

Since then, there has been much talk about a feud between the two artists. Wizkid’s refusal to acknowledge Davido’s congratulatory message after the release of Made In Lagos furthered this assertion.

According to Basit, the singer’s recent comments about Wizkid and Burna Boy in an interview make that move treacherous. “People close to you, people who eat and pay your salary, will also throw shade,” he tells me. “You don’t go out in public to say another thing.” You have the authority to tell them not to do something because you pay them to do it.” One of the most popular members of 30BG on Twitter, Omoiissy, agrees.

As far as I can tell, this feud is fueled primarily by the people they’re close to, their clique, because that’s whom they trust.

The Role of Online Influencers

 Music fans will have their favorites if you take a closer look. Even if you’re able to enjoy both artists’ music and remain objective, you’ll have a stronger attachment to one of them than the other. However, this decision may not be based on the quality of the music these artists produce. It could be influenced by the artist’s lifestyle, which is likely to be similar to your own.

This lifestyle is just another reason their fans are so enthusiastic about their work for the vast majority of artists. This may be the root of their hatred toward the other artist. Social media influencer Tife Fabunmi, who has a Twitter following of over 50k people and is a die-hard fan of Davido’s, agrees.

Wizkid says that some people support him because they dislike Davido, not because they like him. “You join them if you can’t beat them. So, because they despise Davido, they must join the opposition.”

The hatred hasn’t been helped by influencers either. The entire “you can support one without dissing the other” agenda has been shifted. A tweet in which the first 140 characters praise Davido and the second half is devoted to downplaying Wizkid is not entirely unexpected. In addition, “influencers have their favorite,” Life explains.

“Because I’m a fan of Davido, I’ve attracted some people’s attention and involvement. Let’s face it: everyone who enjoys music has a favourite.”

Wizkid is getting much support from people who don’t like Davido for other reasons.

The two fanbases also share a sense of community. The belief is that they have to do this every single day. The reasoning behind this is relatively straightforward. Every day, I put on my shades. Set up camp under the artist’s Twitter feed to minimize their achievements. Make fun of the artist’s every move. This is a breeding ground for negativity, but we can’t deny that the idea of retaliation motivates them.

It also stems from a belief that their preferred artist is superior in talent, numbers, or accomplishments. “Rivalry and personal preference are at the heart of stan culture. The point is moot because you’ll never agree, to put it mildly, “Kussman, a Wizkid fanatic, claims. “You’ll have to wait until the day I die to persuade me that Davido is superior to Wizkid. Like a Wizkid fan, a Davido fan believes that Davido is superior to Wizkid. “For now.


When Will All of This Rage End?

Artists benefit from this because they’re always in the conversation, but there’s a risk that it could turn out to be ugly. Sports banter has sparked physical altercations in some cases, resulting in random violence in a football viewing center. Fans online may see this as occasional banter. However, the increasing velocity may contribute to the ongoing hostility between these two artists.

However, one wonders why the fanbases have to do this every day. Every day of trolling, hating, and downplaying the achievements of other artists. Embroidered hatred from the opposing side eclipses even the most virulent attacks from the first.

“When two artists are being compared, it’s not uncommon for one or both to come out and warn their fans. Similar to how Mayorkun pointed out that Olamide had compared him to him. People will know that the problem is with the fans if Wizkid or Davido have been doing that. As if they’re even okay with it, the two artists.


Is there ever going to be a time of peace?

According to this author, a joint project between the two artists will allay the anxieties of their devoted followings. Even if this move is confirmed, Kussman has mixed feelings about it. It’s possible to have peace between two artists, but not between their respective fanbases. “There will be pointless arguments about who had the better verse or who ruined the song if that collaboration happens.”

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