3 signs you need a walk-in tub

3 signs you need a walk-in tub

Safety and spa-like elements assist in preventing medical situations and massaging your muscles, both of which are essential for preserving your health. The Getty Images/iStockphoto collection

To safeguard your health and safety, you may be willing to spend a premium for expensive products such as baths.

If you are a senior with mobility challenges or other concerns regarding normal showers or bathtubs, you may want to explore a walk-in tub. A walk-in tub is equipped with a waterproof door, allowing users to enter and sit comfortably.

Walk-in tub prices vary based on tub type, features (hydromassage, speciality jets, two chairs, etc.), and installation. It can range from $2,000 for a basic walk-in tub to $20,000 for a spa-like luxury tub with numerous special features.

Don’t allow the price tag prevent you from purchasing the tub you (or a loved one) may require. There are a number of options and reductions available to reduce costs while still obtaining the desired tub. You can obtain a free quote immediately.

Three indications that a walk-in tub is perfect for you

A tub with a low step, seating, and whirlpool jets may appear luxurious, yet it may be vital for millions of individuals. If you’re already considering a walk-in tub, it’s likely for a number of reasons.

But just in case, here are three additional instances in which you may require a walk-in tub.

You are concerned with security.

You wish to obtain muscular or pain relief.

You value comfort

You are concerned with security.

If you have mobility limitations or are afraid of falling, a walk-in tub might offer you with piece of mind. Some businesses also offer accessible bathtubs.

The vast majority of U.S. seniors report falling each year, making the accessibility and fall prevention aspects of walk-in tubs very crucial. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older persons (age 65 and older) who experience falls incur annual medical expenses of $50 billion, with Medicare and Medicaid covering a portion of these costs.

On its website, Kohler, which sells a range of walk-in baths, boasts its technologically advanced safety measures.

“KOHLER created our extra-wide door, ultra-low step-in, and easy-to-grasp handrails to keep you safe and secure. “With a step-in height of just 3 inches, ours is one of the lowest you’ll find anywhere, and our Fast Drain Technology helps the bath drain more efficiently, providing for a safe departure every time you bathe,” the business explains.

Click here to browse a selection of walk-in tubs at various pricing points.

You wish to obtain muscular or pain relief.

In addition to safety elements such as easy-to-grip railings and an extra-wide door, walk-in tubs may also offer therapeutic, spa-like features.

For instance, Kohler offers bathtubs with a heated back, massaging air jets, and hydrotherapy whirlpool jets that “rejuvenate your entire body.”

“Enjoy hydrotherapy for physical wellness, a heated backrest that keeps you warm for the duration of your soak, and whirlpool jets that massage your spine, calves, and feet to reduce pain and massage weary muscles. “Walk-in tubs offer calming effects that leave you feeling revitalized and renewed,” claims Kohler.

Some of these additional features may increase the price, but if you suffer from specific medical conditions, it may be worthwhile.

People with burns, septic ulcers, lesions, amputations, and arthritis can benefit from sitting in warm water, according to the CDC’s online explanation of hydrotherapy.

Remember to compare tub kinds and assess your budget before purchasing.

You value comfort

Safety and spa-like features prevent medical crises and massage your muscles, both of which are essential for maintaining your health as you age.

In addition to whirlpool jets, walk-in tub manufacturers offer other comfort features such as a hand shower, quick drain, and extra-wide seat.

Bathing in a walk-in tub is generally more comfortable than in a regular tub, which is more difficult to enter and exit. Additionally, it allows you to maintain your independence.

Discover the different amenities that can be added to your walk-in tub.

»3 signs you need a walk-in tub«

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