2021 WAEC Physics Practical Specimen

2021 WAEC Physics Practical Specimen

2021 WAEC physics practical specimen and questions

Question 1

Two metre rule

Retort stand and clamp

Thread ( about 250 cm long)


A weighing balance;

Split cork.

Question 2

(1) Ray box with illuminated objects (cross wire)

(2) Convex lens(f = 15cm)

(3) Screen

(4) Metre rule.

(5) Lens Holder.

Question 3

Accumulator (2×1.5v)

Ammeter (0 – 1A)

Crocodile clip

A 2 ohms Q resistor


Constantan wire (about 1m long)

Connecting wires.

Keep refreshing this page for updates on answers as we receive them.

Also study extensively and around the above questions. Reading on your own and understanding Physics generally will make the exam and other exams easier for you.

Although this is officially correct, it is not meant to make you relaxed and stop reading. Remember you are going to the university where you will not get help like this in your exmas so dont supplement this for study time.


»2021 WAEC Physics Practical Specimen«

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