2021 WAEC Civic Questions and Answers Objective & Theory

2021 WAEC Civic Questions and Answers Objective & Theory

2021 WAEC Civic Questions and Answers Objective & Theory




WAEC Civic Essay Answers 2021
This are sample questions and answers from the previous Civic WAEC examination.

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(2021 Answers)

(1a). Citizenship education is a type of education which instills desirable values, attitudes, skills and knowledge into individuals to enable them participate in the affairs of their group or adjust functionally as good citizens.

(i) It helps to promote democratic values among citizens
(ii) It helps the citizens to recognize their civic rights and responsibilities

(iii) It encourages citizens to play a helpful part in the lives of their neighborhoods, communities and the wider world
(iv) It encourages respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities

Inter-communal relationship is a relationship which exist between two or more communities. They relate to contribute to the peaceful and harmonious development of the society/communities and bring people of the various communities together.

(i) It is the roadmap to peace and good neighbourliness: Inter communal relationship has always been a tool for ensuring peace among communities and towns dating back to thousands of years. This perhaps explain why kings of neighbouring communities those times encouraged inter-marriage among their subjects, while kings exchange their daughters to one another as wives.

(ii) Inter-communal relationship promotes development: Usually, development in all sectors of the community is possible once there is peace.

(iii) It enhances security of lives and property: Harmony of good inter-communal relationships allow for the formation of security outfits by the communities themselves to complement the government’s law enforcement agents.

(iv) Inter-communal relationship promotes commerce among the community dwellers: There is encouragement of specialization since trading of goods and commodities is encouraged among the people. Joint market venues are developed while in rural and semi-urban communities the roads leading to such joint markets are maintained by all the community dwellers, where necessary make shift bridges are constructed to link up communities.

(i)Volunteer and support anti-trafficking efforts in your community to eradicate any form of trafficking.

(i)Counseling in the school and at home
(iiGood teacher/student relationship
(iii)Parents should endeavour to observe and know the person or friends their children moves with
(iv)Visitation of parents to school to be aware about the activities of their children
(v)Good school allows for proper monitoring of students
(vi)The Frear of God is beginning of wisdom; efforts should be made at home , peers and the entire community to inculcate the fear of God into youths

(ii)Organize a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to an anti-trafficking organization will help the stop of trafficking .

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