2021 WAEC Chemistry Practical, Candidate’s Weakness And Improvements

2021 WAEC Chemistry Practical, Candidate’s Weakness And Improvements

2021 WAEC Chemistry Practical Candidates’ Weakness and Suggested Remedies


  • did not show basic understanding of simple concepts in Chemistry;


  • did not adhere to instructions as they relate to each question;


  • exhibited poor communication skill;


  • could not correctly define fermentation reaction;


  • wrote the formula of acid instead of name;


  • could not draw the graphical illustration of Charles’ law correctly;


  • could not write complete definition when required;


  • could not explain the chemistry behind the rate of corrosion of tin coated plate and a galvanized plate;


  • could not name two factors which determine the choice of an indicator for an acid-base titration;


  • could not draw and label a diagram for the laboratory preparation of a dry sample of sulphur(IV)oxide.


The Following Remedies Were Suggested For Overcoming The Weaknesses

Candidates should:

  • identify the basic requirements of each question before answering;


  • learn to use the appropriate technical terms when required;


  • improve on their communication skills;


  • write correct and complete definitions when required;


  • be familiar with the examination syllabus;


  • learn how to write and balance chemical equations correctly;


  • learn how to write IUPAC names of compounds correctly;


  • improve on their study habit.

Candidate’s Strength


  • correctly named the catalyst used for fermentation;


  • gave the names of heavy chemicals;


  • listed properties of aluminium;


  • correctly defined esterification reaction;


  • mentioned the uses of alkyl alkanoates;


  • named ore of iron;


  • described acidic reaction on litmus paper;


  • gave two disadvantages of hardness in water;


  • correctly wrote the equation of reaction of calcium oxide with water;


  • correctly stated Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure;


  • correctly used collision theory to explain the effect of temperature.

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