11 of Netfilx best contents in March

11 of Netfilx best contents in March

Netflix is offering an exciting range of content this March with films and specials that promise to provide immersive action and drama, take viewers on a multi-lingual journey, and make them laugh out loud. Whatever their preference, Netflix has got it covered.

The month begins with a strong lineup of old and new titles that feature big names and are guaranteed to entertain viewers. This includes the hit 2009 comedy film The Hangover and a brand new stand-up special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.

As the month progresses, the platform is also releasing completely original titles to add to its already impressive collection of hits. Much-anticipated releases such as Murder Mystery 2 and Luther: The Fallen Sun feature performances from both established stars and fresh faces that are sure to be stand-out films in the Netflix Top 10.

Viewers can also explore outstanding titles from all over the world such as the Mexican comedy-drama Have a nice day! and the South Korean crime action film Kill Boksoon.

One of the biggest headliners for Netflix March streaming comes at the end of the month in the form of Murder Mystery 2, an action crime-comedy film that features Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as the married couple Nick and Audrey Spitz. When their friend is kidnapped at his lavish island wedding, they see this as their chance to get their private eye agency off the ground and solve the high-stakes whodunnit.

Another must-see is Luther: The Fallen Sun, a Netflix Original crime-thriller film that sees Idris Elba return as detective chief inspector John Luther. Luther is now disgraced and imprisoned for an unsolved murder, but breaks out to capture a sadistic cyber psychopath and prevent them from taking any more lives.

For a family-friendly interactive streaming experience, check out We Lost Our Human, an animated comedy adventure that follows two pets on a journey to find their missing owner. Viewers help the pets make choices that determine the outcome of the story.

Other titles include Mae Martin: SAP, a Netflix Original stand-up special that reflects on the world we live in, and The Magician’s Elephant, an animated adventure comedy film about a young boy’s magical quest. For something more provocative, there’s Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, a documentary film that delves into the adult entertainment platform’s successes and scandals.

Faraway, a German romantic-comedy film, follows Zeynep as she seeks a break from her overworked life and finds unexpected love on a Croatian island. Lastly, there’s the uproarious comedy film The Hangover, where three friends retrace their steps in Las Vegas to find their missing groom-to-be before his wedding.

With so much to choose from, viewers are in for an exciting and entertaining month on Netflix.

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