10 years after Austin Tice’s abduction, his family still wants answers

Austin Tice, an American journalist, vanished in Syria ten years ago, and his family is still waiting for the American government to take action.

One of the longest-held American captives, Tice was abducted outside Damascus on August 14, 2012, while covering the Syrian civil war for a number of news organisations, including CBS News, The Washington Post, and McClatchy.


Several weeks later, a brief video with a frightened Tice and his alleged kidnappers was posted on YouTube and the Facebook page of Bashar al-followers. Assad’s He hadn’t been seen since then.

Tice’s mother, Debra, has never questioned that her son is still alive even though no one has ever taken blame for his absence.

“I have never changed. I’m not hesitant anymore, “In an interview with CBS News earlier this week, she said.

There is no reason to doubt that he is awaiting, hoping, fantasising, and preparing to escape from prison.


She asked for greater action from the government to return her son, a Marine veteran with “a terrific laugh” and “a huge personality,” home.

The American administration has put a lot of effort into persuading me that they are working on it, she said. “Don’t tell me, is how I respond. Tell me.”

Debra and Marc Tice, Tice’s parents, finally got their wish in May when they visited with Vice President Biden at the White House.


According to Debra Tice, Mr. Biden gave the National Security Council and his national security advisor Jake Sullivan the duty of speaking with the Syrian government to “find out what they want.”

“Get together, listen, find out what they want, and work with them, the US president said. He presented it, “In an interview with CBS News this week, Debra Tice said.


Two years ago, two Trump administration representatives went to Syria to attempt to negotiate Tice’s release.

However, they were unsuccessful, and the Syrian government has never officially acknowledged taking him hostage or knowing where he is.

At the time, Syrian government representatives informed CBS News that as long as American forces were present in their nation, there could be no hostage discussions.


“Like, do you ever pay the sticker price when you purchase a car?” Debra Tice stated, stating that she doesn’t comprehend why the United States hasn’t engaged in negotiations.

“It really aggravates me. When they departed after the first meeting and didn’t come back, that annoyed me.”


Debra Tice said, “I am aware that the United States administration has not specifically requested a meeting with the Syrian government.”

However, the Biden administration asserts that this is untrue.

The United States “has worked aggressively to attempt to bring Austin home, both directly with Syrian authorities and via third parties,” a senior administration source told CBS News.


The Syrian government, unlike in previous instances when Americans are held overseas, “has not consented to senior-level discussions to address Austin’s issue, and has never acknowledged keeping him,” the person added. “We will keep pursuing every available option to secure Austin’s release.”


However, the president officially urged Syria to the negotiating table in a statement on Wednesday. The official declined to comment on whether the United States has attempted to interact with the Syrian government over Tice after his parents met with Mr. Biden.


The Syrian government has imprisoned him, we can say with absolute confidence, Mr. Biden said in a statement on Wednesday. “We have pleaded with the Syrian government to cooperate with us so that we may return Austin to his family. I’m pleading with Syria to put a stop to this and assist us in bringing him home on the tenth anniversary of his kidnapping.”


In a statement released on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Roger Carstens, the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, “will continue to communicate with the Syrian administration.”

The FBI has issued a $1 million reward and repeated its appeal for information on Tice’s whereabouts.


According to Debra Tice, she makes an effort not to consider how her son’s life has been thus far.

“The most important thing for us as a family to remember is that we will never have experienced him behind bars. We’ll remember him as a free man forever “She said. “I don’t believe trying to envision what I cannot conceive is useful.”

She’s had a lot of time to think about the obstacles erected by American bureaucracy that have rendered her family powerless and the sadness that she didn’t immediately go to Damascus when Austin vanished.

She said, “I’ve had ten years to think about mistakes, and it’s incredibly unpleasant.”

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