10 days after a sailboat was reported missing in the Atlantic, 2 men and a dog were rescued

10 days after a sailboat was reported missing in the Atlantic, 2 men and a dog were rescued

Tuesday, the U.S. Coast Guard said that two men and a dog were rescued from a sailboat without power or gasoline more than 200 miles off the coast of Delaware, 10 days after their loved ones had last heard from them.

Kevin Hyde, 65, and Joe Ditomasso, 76, were sailing to Marathon, Florida, from Cape May, New Jersey. But they vanished after their sailboat Atrevida II left the Outer Banks of North Carolina on December 3.

According to the agency, the Coast Guard was told on Sunday that the two sailors were overdue and initiated a search from Florida to New Jersey. In addition to Coast Guard cutters and planes, ships from the United States Navy and commercial and recreational vessels engaged in the search.

Kevin Hyde (left) and Joe Ditomasso with their dog after being rescued from their yacht in the Atlantic Ocean on December 14, 2022, approximately 200 miles off the coast of Delaware. On December 3, the two were reported missing. American Coast Guard

Tuesday, off the coast of Delaware, Hyde and Ditomasso waved their arms to attract the notice of the Silver Muna’s crew, according to the Coast Guard.

According to the Coast Guard, the sailboat’s lack of gasoline or electricity left its radios and navigation equipment unusable.

Wednesday during a news conference in New York, Hyde hailed the “diligence” of the Silver Muna’s crew.

“They discovered that we were on board and that we were waving and other such things,” Hyde added. “Because my masts were down at the time, all systems were inoperable. We were merely lounging aboard the boat… He reversed, observed us, and turned around to pick us up. It was incredible. In this circumstance, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

Ditomasso claimed that the two did not have access to potable water for the final two days prior to being rescued, and were forced to extract water from beans on board.

“I also purchased these beans,” Ditomasso told the press. “And the best part about the beans is that they contain water. They had been drenched in water. And each of us took a sip at a time.”

Around 4 p.m., the guys and the dog were hauled aboard the tanker. The Coast Guard stated that an evaluation by the ship’s medical staff indicated no urgent problems.

The Coast Guard evaluated the two guys further before reconnecting them with their family and friends after their arrival in New York Harbor.

“This is a great example of the cooperative efforts of the maritime community to safeguard the safety of lives at sea,” said Coast Guard spokesman Daniel Schrader in a statement.

Additionally, Cmdr. Schrader emphasized the need of sailors carrying an EPIRB, or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. It enables boaters to promptly call first responders in the event of an emergency.


»10 days after a sailboat was reported missing in the Atlantic, 2 men and a dog were rescued«

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